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On the road, anyone can potentially be a dangerous driver. Someone runs a red light or is under the influence of alcohol and causes a collision. A driver is on their phone and too distracted to notice a speeding car until it’s too late. No matter the scenario, it’s always scary when you’re involved in an accident and even more terrifying if it happens to your children.

Last week, two school buses collided on the way back from a field trip in east Atlanta. Fifteen children were taken to the hospital for check-ups after the accident.

While there were no significant injuries or deaths in this case, school bus accidents can still be dangerous. Minor injuries and the overall shock of the accident can be challenging for your children to overcome.

School bus safety

You might be relieved to hear that, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), school buses are 70 times safer for children than commuting to school via cars or other modes of transportation. School buses feature strict regulations and designs to protect children in crashes or accidents.

However, accidents can still occur. Remind your children how to keep safe while on the bus with easy tips such as: staying in their seats and not moving around, waiting for the bus to stop completely before they get up, and looking both ways when crossing the street at a bus stop.

Understanding who is liable

Depending on the kind of accident that occurred, the responsible party can vary. In cases where the bus driver was negligent due to distractions or ignoring traffic laws, you may be able to sue the driver and potentially his employer as well.

If another driver caused the accident on the road for reasons such as speeding or not stopping for the bus, that driver could be liable for any injuries sustained by your child.

You have the right to compensation for your child’s pain and suffering or any medical costs that may come up due to an accident. If your child is involved in a school bus accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can help determine if you have the grounds for pursuing legal action against a bus driver, school district, or other drivers.

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